Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The pile, the challenge

So here's the deal.  I was chatting with someone at work yesterday.  "Are you ready?" she asked.  "The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is going to be here before you know it."  Oh hell, yeah, I'm always ready.  But then she said, "I haven't quite finished with all the sock yarn I bought last year."

Finished?  Whoa, wait.  We're supposed to finish things?  I thought I was just supposed to buy and buy and buy until my stash took over the house, named itself and evicted me so it could watch Animal Planet and drink brandy uninterrupted for all time.

I got to thinking about it and realized that maybe I should be finishing some stuff before I actually brought more home.  So I went down into the basement and stared at my stash.  I selected two bags and brought them upstairs.

So here's the challenge.  I know there's no way that I can possibly spin this much yarn between now and the first weekend in May.  But damn, I'm going to give it my best shot.  I've taken pictures of the wool I brought up to work on.  You can see it all here:


I will try to take pictures and post regularly as to my progress.

Here's to a significant reduction in stash and a guilt free MSWF 2011! *raises brandy glass*

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