Thursday, December 30, 2021

The 2022 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

Whew.  Nothing like cutting it close to get this published before the New Year.  I have been dealing with a bum knee.  You'd think that a knee wouldn't prevent me from doing things like knitting Christmas hats to all my relatives or creating a reading challenge, but I've discovered that a bad knee slows down everything.  Like cleaning the litterboxes?  Used to take 15-20 minutes (I have a lot of cats) and now I'm taking an hour or more because I have to take breaks and rest.  Not fun at all.

Unfortunately my lovely friend Good Karma is dealing with some family issues and was unable to do her magic with the graphics.  Please send out lots of good thoughts her way.  In the meantime I had to polish off my (limited) graphic skills and make everything pretty.  I know it's not up to her caliber, but I'm pretty happy with myself.

I've seen plenty of folks asking about a challenge for 2022, though, so I definitely wanted to push myself and get this done.  Maybe I'll even push myself to start on my 2023 challenge soon so that I'll be ahead of the game next year.

So here it is, the 2022 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge:

As in previous years, I have a printable pdf that's a little easier to print/read for folks who want to take notes.  And for fans of spreadsheets, you can click here for a spreadsheet that you can save to your own Google drive to track your books that way.

Thanks again for checking out my reading challenge!