Monday, January 9, 2023

2022 Pick Your Poison--How Did I Do?

I realize that I have been neglecting this blog between the official Pick Your Poison posts, and thought I'd make a New Year's Resolution to try to be a little more active this year.  I had a couple of questions in the past about my "intent" for certain categories, or how would I define certain categories, and thought maybe I would share my list of books I read for 2022.  Some of my interpretations of what book to use for each category are pretty liberal.  I would encourage anyone doing a book challenge to be liberal in your interpretation.  Reading should be fun and if you get bogged down by a category on a challenge because you can't find anything interesting to fit it, well that's not fun.

I obviously didn't finish my challenge last year.  I've come close the last 2-3 years, but have come up short a few books.  Sometimes I find a book that just sounds so interesting, or get involved in binging a series, that I don't really care if they don't fit any categories. Again, reading should be fun.  I push the limit sometimes to force some of those books into categories, but I don't let myself regret reading if it doesn't work in a challenge.

A to Z
A book with the letter Z in the titleKissing Ezra Holtz
A book by an author whose name starts with A or ZMy Life As An IceCream Sandwich
A book about lettersLetters From Cuba
A "comprehensive" bookWhy Cats Are Assholes
The Same, But Not
A book with the color red or the word "read" on the coverMoonflower Murders
A book by an author whose last name could also be a first nameA Curious Incident
A retelling of a classicThree Ninja Pigs
A "He said, she said" bookAll The Feels
What's The Dish
A book with a mug or cup on the coverElementary, She Read
A book with a food related pun in the titleThe Witching Flour
A book about food from another culture
A book about gossipThe Reluctant Dragon
A book about memory lossHow Lulu Lost Her Mind
An author whose name you remember easilyDragons Wild
A book with the word "remember" in the titleElephants Can Remember
A diary or memoirTrans
Back to Basics
A classic novelThe Thin Man
A biographyI Am A Bacha Posh
A book by a well known authorBeezus and Ramona
A paperbackA Royal Pain
Time is Ticking
A book with a clock on the coverMurder Past Due
A book about time travelA Swiftly Tilting Planet
A suspense novelOxford Murders
A book to pass the time while your favorite author finishes their next bookRead on Arrival
Til the Fat Lady Sings
A book about body imageI Do It With The Lights On
A space operaGentleman Jole and the Red Queen
A book with the word "over" in the titleThe Overdue Life of Amy Byler
A book about a singer or musicianShame Pudding
It's All Relative
A book about animal familiesHamster Princess:Harriet the Invincible
A book that relates to an interest you haveI Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf
A book about finding familyThe Okay Witch and the Hungry Shadow
A book with "aunt" or "uncle" in the titleAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions
A book by an author who sounds like a geekBody on Baker Street
A book with a cover that reminds you of a video gameAweto
A book about an obsessive hobbyCat Knit
A book about a fandom or fanficThe Cat of The Baskervilles
Working For A Living
A book by an author whose name is a trade or professionEmma (by Alexander McCall Smith)
A memoir focused on the author's professionHooked
A book where the protagonist works in a similar field to youClassified As Murder
A nonfiction book about worker's rightsTriangle
Cover Up
A book with someone on the cover who could use some clothes
A book with a blue coverText Don't Call
A book with multiple fonts on the coverThree Book Problem
A book where the author's name is above the titleWell That Escalated Quickly
Taking The Plunge
A book with a picture of a cliff or ocean on the coverA Killer in King's Cove
A book by an author you've always wanted to readMy Man Jeeves
A book over 600 pagesThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
A book someone dares you to readStrange Practice
A book set somewhere you might wear shortsThe Love Hypothesis
A book under 150 pagesKing Bidgood's In The Bathtub
A book of short storiesA Swim In The Pond
A book wider than it is tallGoodnight Lab
A book with the word "attic" or "kitchen" in the titleThe Castle in the Attic
A book by an author who lives in another countryA Line To Kill
A book about a movie being filmed on locationPlain Bad Heroines
A book about your homelandThe Supremes at Earl's All You Can Eat
TBR Guilt
A book that's dusty from waiting to be readHerding Cats
A book that someone gave you that you haven't read yet
A book you've been meaning to readMaisie Dobbs
A new release you feel guilty reading because your TBR list is so longMuder at the Royal Botanic Gardens
A book with a devious villainSingapore Sapphire
A book about a craft you do or would like to learn aboutNeedled To Death
A book with a craft related pun in the titleKnit One Kill Too
A book known for having an unexpected twist at the endThe Reader's Room
People We Should Know
A book about women's issuesDear Ijeawele
A book by a BIPOC authorDead Dead Girls
A book with a LGBTQIA+ protagonistMelissa
A book written by an immigrantFly On The Wall
A book about a heroic event
A non-fiction book about someone you admireYes I'm Hot In This
A book with the word "feet" or "clay" in the titleThere's Murder Afoot
A book with a cape or cloak on the coverThe Red Sphinx
Crossing Over
A book with the word "bridge" in the titleThe Bridge Home
A book about a ghostThe Girl On Legare Street
A book that crosses two genresOf Mice And Magic
A book with and X or a cross on the coverThe Tale of Despereaux
Childhood Days
Reread a childhood favorite
A book about the circus
A book set within 10 years of your birthA Wind In The Door
A coming of age storyHorse Trouble
A book about a mythical creatureVassa In The Night
A book about a legendary heroThe Last Last-Day-of-Summer
A book about a lost treasureMurder In Old Bombay
A book by an author you consider amazingThey Came To Baghdad
A book with alternating timelines or narratorsLiar's Dictionary
A book that features a classic carMagpie Murders
A book that takes place on both land and seaBaltimore: The Plague Ships
An alternate historyHer Royal Spyness
Musical Inspirations
West Side Story: A tragic love storyKeturah and Lord Death
Sweeney Todd: A book about revengeThe Sentence Is Death
Phantom of the Opera: A book about a hidden worldThe Okay Witch
Chicago: A book set in a jail or prison
Other Lands
A book translated from another languagePippi Longstocking
A book by an author from a country you'd like to visitImmodest Acts
A book set in an area geographically different from your homeA Scandal In Scarlet
A book with the word "land" in the title
Timely Topics
A book about a pandemicMy Boyfriend Is a Monster
A book about climate changeThe Lorax
A book about a social movementDisasterama
A book about space travelThe Tea Master and the Detective
Stories with Grit
A WesternThe Sisters Brothers
A book with a desert on the coverThe Merchant and the Alchemist
A beach readThe Book of Candlelight
A gritty detective storyThe High Window
A book by an author under 30
A 2021 release
A comic book
A book by two or more authorsYou'll Never Believe What Happened To Lacey
A collection of essays100 Essays I Don't Have Time To Write

I hope to continue to make posts about some of the books I'm reading.  I also hope to do some posts about spinning, since this blog was originally created with the intention of sharing my fiber journey with folks.  We'll see if I can keep this resolution.