Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the end result

I think one of the hard parts about being a crafter who blogs is that, while I'd love to share the process of my work, every minute I spend blogging is a minute away from my spinning.  When push comes to shove, what I want to do is spin.

In other words, I may not have been blogging much these last couple of weeks, but I have gotten some spinning done.  The end result of my challenge was 8 skeins of yarn:

In addition I had about four bobbins full and just needed to finish a second bobbin in order to be able to ply.  The two days of the festival I did some spinning in the evening and yesterday I plied three more skeins:

So the end result is I could have been a little more productive, but I'm pretty pleased with what I accomplished.  Of course, I just had to be masochistic and add to my stash at the festival.  So I guess I better get spinning because there's a whole pile of stuff waiting in the wings to get done.