Thursday, December 7, 2017

The 2018 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

Wow!  Where did this year go?!!!  I have been busily reading and dealing with some family matters and have neglected this blog terribly.  I have four more books to read to finish last years challenge.  Woohoo!  Feeling much less pressure this year to finish up.

But while I'm busily finishing up this year's list, I definitely want to get next year's challenge up so you can start planning.  I'm really pleased with it.

My super awesome friend, Good Karma, who helps me with the graphics, this year created a two page .pdf so that you have a little more room for notes if you are writing on the print out.  Click here for the .pdf version.

For folks who have not "picked your poison" in the past, I created this challenge to try to be a little more flexible than some reading challenges.  I remember looking at some challenges with only 10 or so topics and thinking "That might work for some folks, but I need more."  At the same time, I know not everyone has as much free time as I do (I've heard some people out there have these things called "friends" and "family"), and maybe a book a month is as much as you can manage.  I also created the wildcards to try to give you an opportunity to swap out some topics if you're just not finding anything.

Mostly, though, I'm hoping to get folks to push themselves a little bit out of their comfort zone, to see if there are books out there that they might not read otherwise, and to have fun!

Please feel free to share the list, but don't forget to give credit where credit is due. 😉

And finally, as always, super awesome thanks to Good Karma for taking time out of her busy schedule (and fighting with her recalcitrant internet service) to help me out with the great graphics.  Please check out her online shop for lovely handmade gifts, including housewares, wallets, knitting and crochet cases, and other great stuff.  (And if you ask real nice, she might even do something custom for you!)

Here's to a reading filled 2018!!